Pastor Mike and Tiffany Leiter have been residents of Freeland for over twenty years and all three of their boys were raised in the Freeland school system.  Since moving to Freeland, Mike has had a dream to launch a new local church in his home community. Mike has served on staff at New Life Vineyard in Midland for many years and in 2022 began to lead a core group in Freeland with the aim of becoming a full-fledged church by Easter of 2023.

From day one, our fellowship has been outreach oriented, serving and encouraging our residents. Even as a small group, our team began to serve our community by providing a monthly music and devotional service to our local assisted living facilities, by volunteering to decorate these facilities for the holidays, and by delivering baked goods to our local first responders, fire, and police.

We have also served as a haven for people who have become disenfranchised by their previous church experiences. Some have found that our "come as you are" attitude and family atmosphere has been a breath of fresh air. Some have expressed surprise that for the first time, they have experienced the presence of God in genuine way in their lives.  These stories have already validated the work that Vineyard Freeland is doing and we're just getting started!

On a final note, people who visit our church will notice that we are an equipping church, meaning that our focus is on giving people encouragement and resources to help them to do great things for God and to help them avoid the many pitfalls that are present in our day. It is our conviction that there are plenty of options out there for "consumers" so we choose not to focus on being "impressive", "hyped", or "showy".  This means that while we strive for excellence in everything we do, we aren't afraid to get "messy" and be authentic with one another. We are naturally supernatural in everything we do.